Shaping our Appalachian Region is not just an organization, but it is a network of our Appalachia that unites 54 counties worth of talent enabling us to shape our future. SOAR is not about what has happened, but what you are doing to shape your future. Thanks to the input from community members like you, we have been able to gather feedback from our initial listening sessions and transform hundreds of pages of information and ideas into a streamlined 20-page blueprint for economic growth in our region organized around seven goals.



This question has been a common refrain since the beginning of SOAR, and we are proud to announce that we are working on a solution to get everyone involved. SOAR is about creating a network of our region, but geographic and scheduling constraints often make it difficult to keep that network working together continuously, and this is why we are launching In this sense, there is no truer form of SOAR than, and there is no better way to engage with 54 counties than by simply providing the forum and letting the innovators, the thinkers, the doers, and the entrepreneurs go to work. Essentially, is a digital continuation of the Innovatio n Summit. The blueprint provides our path, and the network provides the platform to accomplish these objectives. This site enables you to connect with others in our region, exchange ideas, learn, find solutions, get involved, and gives you a connection to the resources you need to work on these objectives we all identified.


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