Broadband Infrastructure Expansion
GOAL: Increase the availability of affordable high-speed broadband, through fiber, to businesses and residents; and increase adoption rates throughout the SOAR region


Complete the construction of the middle-mile effort, KentuckyWired, while involving existing local internet service providers in the process

Generate immediate local economic activity by facilitating career pathway training opportunities for displaced workers to be retrained into the fiber installation and maintenance industry to support the deployment of fiber throughout the region

Support the development of community-based strategic plans to determine the best method to improve broadband availability and affordability in their community by partnering with KentuckyWired (Last-Mile Action Team)

Ensure stakeholders working in the region understand and work collectively to increase the high economic impact uses of broadband including remote work opportunities and eCommerce

Develop and implement a structured approach to last mile development in the SOAR region (Last-Mile Action Team)

Potential for Collaboration with Other SOAR Goals

Small Business in the Digital Economy- by leveraging the connectivity provided by affordable high-speed broadband via access to new markets and efficiencies in the digital economy

21st Century Workforce- by enabling labor force participants to work and learn in a digital world via access to first-class broadband access

SOAR Regional Blueprint Goals

Strategic Partnerships

These partners are part of the existing ecosystem that can support the realization of increasing the availability of affordable high-speed broadband through fiber, to businesses and residents; and increase adoption rates throughout the SOAR region.  


Ongoing Projects

SOAR Last Mile Action Team

The SOAR Last-Mile Action Team updates will be organized and posted here. Click the link to view the current database on Last-Mile progress by county and community and contact us if you have updates regarding the status of your community.


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You don't need to wait for the completion of KentuckyWired to start last mile planning! Click view to see the 5 county Southeast Kentucky Final Mile (SKY-FM) Plan 

Looking for Help?

Assistance Resources

The Assitance directory highlights strategic partners that may be able to help you in the implementation of mature stage projects needing one final piece of the puzzle.