21st Century Workforce
GOAL: Develop our regional workforce to be competitive in the digital economy and other emerging industries


Strengthen employer-led training and education efforts to provide clear paths to jobs including reciprocal relationships with national/global employers that employ a remote workforce

Leverage public-private partnerships to create short and long-term training programs supporting industries primed for growth such as: Telecommunications (specifically fiber), Healthcare, Energy, Machinists, and the Digital Economy

Invest in programs across the K-16 education continuum that increase access to training and career pathways related to STEAM skills, digital economy skill sets, agribusiness and other emerging technologies

Develop modern co-working facilities that can also serve as business innovation hubs

Improve access to employment training/retraining programs for low-wage/unemployed individuals

Potential for Collaboration with Other SOAR Goals

Small Business in the Digital Economy- by providing a labor market full of individuals with the skills needed to bring innovation to a business in a digital world and economy.

Healthy Communities- by connecting employers to wellness programs that improve both company efficiency and employee wellness

SOAR Regional Blueprint Goals

Strategic Partnerships

These partners are part of the existing ecosystem that can support the realization developing our regional workforce to be competitive in the digital economy and other emerging industries.

Ongoing Projects

Regional Workforce Study

Interapt Techhire EKY

Dream Martin County

Teleworks USA

Source HOV

Advanced Technology Center

Looking for Help?

Assistance Resources

The Assitance directory highlights strategic partners that may be able to help you in the implementation of mature stage projects needing one final piece of the puzzle.