Healthy Communities is focused on addressing SOAR’s goal, “to reduce the physical and economic impact of obesity, diabetes, and substance abuse.” The Community Health Action Team (CHAT) works to achieve this goal by using best practice recommendations, collaborations across organizations, and education to help create sustainable economic infrastructure and healthy communities.

The SOAR Working Group Report guilds SOAR in each areas of focus. 

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SOAR Adisory Council: Healthy Communities 

William D. Hacker, MD, FAAP, CPE, a Manchester native brings a wealth of experience and expertise to SOAR. In 2001 Dr. Hacker joined the Kentucky Department for Public Health as a physician consultant in the Division of Adult and Child Health. Following the terrorism events in the fall of 2001 Dr. Hacker transferred to the Division of Epidemiology as Manager of the newly formed Public Health Preparedness Branch. He was appointed by the Governor in 2004 to server as the State Health Commissioner and served in that role until he retired in 2011. He currently serves as the Chair of the SOAR Community Health and Wellness Advisory Council.

Goal & Objectives

The blueprint is one cohesive document with strategic goals and objectives to improve Eastern Kentucky's economy. The blueprint will be used to coordinate a well-organized, strategic, proactive, and systemic approach across federal, state, local, and non-profit agencies. 

You can read the SOAR Regional Blueprint or visit for more information

Healthy Communities' goal is to "to reduce the physical and economic impact of obesity, diabetes, and substance abuse."

Below are the four objectives to accomplish this goal.




Regional Food Systems - by connecting efforts around strengthening regional food systems with local schools, restaurants, etc., community health can be improved with an increased availability of fresh fruits and vegetables, while regional food systems efforts can be strengthened by increased demand

A 21st Century Workforce - by connecting employers to wellness programs that improve both company efficiency and employee wellness, both the workforce and community health outcomes are improved

Industrial Development - by ensuring our talent is healthy and available to work our region becomes more attractive in industrial recruitment efforts

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