Why Blueprint Partnership?

Are you an individual or organization that believes there's a future in Appalachia Kentucky and wants to be a part of the movement to make it happen? Our new Blueprint Partnership program gives you the opportunity to partner like-minded individuals and organizations that are working toward a common end: A 21st Century Appalachia. As a Blueprint Partner, your work becomes part of a collaborative effort to implement our Regional Blueprint across all of Appalachia Kentucky. There are many benefits of being a part of our Blueprint Partnership program. You'll serve in advisory roles on action plan(s) and other important projects; receive discounts for SOAR-related events; get specialized communication about progress updates, and get improved access to resource partners. Join the movement today!

Have Questions about the Program?

We do not restrict the partnership process, we just ask that you read our core values to make sure your organization is a fit for the program. Our core values define who we are and drive the work we do.
SOAR Core Values
Could you use some additional resources or support? The Blueprint Partnership program will link you into the network of SOAR and make your work a part of something bigger than yourself. Along with this comes improved credibility and access to supporting resources that are also in our network.
As a partner we are able to see how your work fits into the greater regional picture and find opportunities for strategic alignment with your efforts and our other partners' efforts. This provides the potential for greater impact, economies of scale, and access to funding and capacity resources organically.
Partnership Flyer
Yes! Individuals are welcome to join our network and become a partner in building a 21st Century Appalachia. As an individual, we also encourage you to join SOAR.network although we are looking at creating a more streamlined process that will integrate both steps into one.
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Become a partner of SOAR and your work will become a part of something bigger than any of us alone. Through the SOAR.network platform we are building a 21st Century Appalachia, together.


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The Plan

SOAR Regional Blueprint Goals