5. Industrial Development


 Increase the amount of industrial employment which includes manufacturing, natural resources, processing, and distribution by expanding existing companies and attracting new ones


  1. Develop strategies for targeted sectors, identified by a third-party professional, for recruitment, expansion, and workforce development

  2. Support the continued development of regional and/or public-private partnerships to drive industrial development in the region

  3. Increase industrial demand of skilled trade workers (construction, electricians, HVAC, welding, plumbing) and the availability of fast-track certification programs for experienced workers

  4. Improve the economic competitiveness of most viable (based upon objective third-party professional analyses) sites and buildings in Appalachia Kentucky

  5. Provide resources to transition established businesses to value added chains and/or connect them with new markets both outside of their existing industry and in the global marketplace

  6. Collect and positively communicate detailed data on the workforce in the region

  7. Support value added opportunities for extractive industries including, but not limited to: coal, natural gas, oil, and forestry