Job Opening: SOAR VISTA

SOAR Seeking two Americorp TASK VISTA members


30th March, 2018



Kevin Loux




Job Opening: SOAR VISTA

Two Openings

VISTA Position Description: The SOAR VISTA member will build capacity at SOAR by developing the plans to begin the Blueprint Action initiative. The VISTA will develop and implement the Blueprint initiative throughout communities in surrounding counties. The project will provide the groundwork for the communities to gain ownership in the Blueprint initiative. The VISTA will establish systems for each community, identify partnerships and ensure that each community have the needed resources to continue the initiative. This work will alleviate poverty by aligning the SOAR blueprint goals, which will create new economic opportunities for citizens in the Appalachian region.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • AmeriCorps VISTA is open to all U.S. citizens,
  • nationals, or lawful permanent residents age 18
  • and older.
  • Bachelor’s degree required (or a combination of skills and experience)
  • Ability and willingness to learn new skills
  • Flexible, independent, and self‐starter


Preferred Qualifications: 

  • Computer competency
  • Understanding of economic concepts
  • Database management experience
  • Web‐development experience
  • Fluency in Adobe Creative Suite


VISTA Terms & Benefits:

  • FULL‐TIME (40 hours/week), one‐year commitment.
  • MONTHLY LIVING ALLOWANCE of $945 per month ($11,328/year) before taxes
  • Upon completion, choose between EDUCATION AWARD ($5,920) OR CASH AWARD ($1,800).
  • Forbearance/deferment of federal student loans payments.
  • Eligible to receive HEALTHCARE ALLOWANCES
  • VACATION (10) and SICK DAYS (10)
  • May be eligible for RELOCATION REIMBURSEMENT (must be relocating 50 miles or more for service; $1,500 value)
  • Access to additional PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT and training opportunities!
  • Negotiable non‐cash benefits in the form of utilities, food, or housing provisions of at least $1,000


How to Apply:

Email resume to for immediate consideration. Finalists may be brought in for an interview prior to completing an official application. 

Additionally, all VISTAs must apply via the portal to be eligible. While SOAR conducts the interview and selects the candidates, your employment will be handled by the Americorps VISTA program.  When the application period opens you can apply by going to

About Shaping our Appalachian Region, INC. (SOAR)

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