Make Your Community Fiber-Ready


2nd November, 2015








Make Your Community Fiber-Ready

Start Planning now for High-Speed, High-Capacity Internet

Reliable, high-speed Internet is coming to every county of the state via the KentuckyWired middle-mile fiber optic network, which will be a key catalyst for profound and sweeping growth in job creation, health access and education. 

The broadband project will begin in eastern Kentucky and over the next three years will spread throughout the state. The benefits of broadband will break down geographic and financial barriers to education and economic development by providing access to affordable, high-quality Internet service to connect Kentuckians to the world.

Think of KentuckyWired as an interstate highway system that will connect the worldwide Internet to “exit ramps” closer to a community.  Communities play a critical role in preparing for building out the last mile network (FTTP) to directly serve homes and businesses. Communities can work with existing providers, recruit/work with new providers or create a municipal system.


Planning Assistance

As construction begins in eastern Kentucky, the state has taken steps to assist communities plan for becoming fiber-ready. These steps include:

Planning templates and resources found at

Procuring services of consultants to help with strategic planning. Communities can opt to contract with a consultant using the state’s master agreement (information on these consultants will be posted soon on the website).

Providing funding for two pilot planning projects for counties in the Appalachian Regional Commission region.

Counties or a consortium of counties can apply.

The deadline to apply is November 30, 2015.

Funding for one project will go to a Promise Zone community.

Funding for one project will go to an ARC and/or Promise Zone community.


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